Search engine fine text reproduced and unspoken rule acquisition Tianrang to do

will be down right? The search engine optimization, content in the website to the original original lifeline, therefore, to do original false original, even the acquisition tool. However, regardless of whether you can really get to the pseudo original content optimization effect, and whether the nature of the articles reprinted collection equal? Most people think that "reprint" is the "acquisition", and the main difference is that human action is reproduced, "collection" is more qualitative for artificial program code. However, in the process of search engine optimization, search engine unspoken rule for both qualitative is different, this article analysis:

A: instant information: real time is always the most important feature of Internet information transmission, information of original content in the Internet search engine is given a high weight, but also may not be reproduced. But this weight.

two: how to benefit the optimization of reproduced

: where is the difference between reproduced and acquisition

Internet news every day how much information is repeated? Including love Shanghai news, the same news will also be search engine, also will be included, how many similar news source list omitted. Therefore, we can conclude that the search engine in the rules or not against "article reprint". The collection sites, most sites are always hovering at the edge of K, with risk. Which is what factors determine the "reserved", and "acquisition" of the binary difference? That article reprinted or reproduced, moderate, beneficial to the site optimization, because the network is the platform for the sharing of resources, if the loss of this property, it can not be called the Internet. While the "acquisition", why would be characterized as "junk" approach? The reason is that, the "acquisition" program is not read the article quality, no merits of good or bad acquisition, will create a garbage station. In artificial reprint, the content is immediate, do a regular site, no one will blindly reproduced, otherwise not better do so, nature of collection rules? "Reprint" and "collection" is whether there is human intervention the weight given search engine should be different in nature.

A5 webmaster articles on examples of why some articles will be up to hundreds of times, some articles only at the number of times? The reason is that the content of the "quality" of high quality content is beneficial to the search engine optimization. Without the blind, "collection rules", even if the content was successfully included reproduced, website weight is still low, has not much flow effect. But why is beneficial to moderate reprint of search engine optimization? With the focus of attention of the A5 Tang Shijun blog, every day reproduced A5 station network of high quality soft Wen, the final result is to love Shanghai, Google, the second effect, even in the keyword on performance is still good. What kind of soft for reprint? Do not identify whether the quality of the pros and cons of spiders, we further investigate:

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