Schema org multiple search engines combined to create a richer network

1) contains a lot of new types of marks.

creative works: creative works, books, movies, music, recipes, TV series

              Abstract: an example of rich web enhanced by structured markup search results. In this case, the summary page contains rich pictures, comments and recipes for cooking time.  


with the webmaster community of rich web page summary by the rapid rise in the rate now, we can display the search results in the rich web page summary has reached more than ten times two years ago at the beginning of the.

we added more than 100 new types, and retains all of the existing rich Web Abstract types. If you have already checked before how to add rich web page summary marker, but existing types were not associated with your site entries, so now you need to see it again. Here are some of the popular type:

– embedded non text objects: audio, pictures, video > object object

we hope to open the network become more and more rich and colorful, more practical uses. We understand that this will add a tag to your page, takes time and effort, and, if each of the data for different search engines, then add tags work will be more difficult. This is why we cooperate with other search engines, to provide a common model, as in 2006 we have to work together to support Sitemaps as a common standard. The use of, display all websites can improve their websites in the noble baby, Bing and YAHOO in the search results, but the future may improve the other search engines on display.

we recently announced the official launch of, which is a new project sponsored by the noble baby, Bing and YAHOO, will be structured data on the web based markers and provide a common model. aims to become a one-stop resource for webmasters, facilitate their add tags to their pages, to help the search engine to better understand their website.

in the noble baby, we now support structured markup has been some years. In 2009, we introduced a rich web page summary to better describe the people who show or comments containing search results. Since then, we continue to introduce new types of rich snippets, including shopping and product, activity, diet, and other types of information.

now, let us with you to discuss the details of and Webmaster:

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