The chain and relevance of the original should be how to grasp

consider or a reason: website optimization time periodic problem. I believe most of the webmaster is now to the enterprise or a small portal website promotion. The boss is, want is a ranking, it is good for him, what he wanted. Don’t mention what the boss understand, understand what are you doing? So in the final with low score or clear this side of the weight, remember you than he is professional, you are doing promotion for him, he didn’t ask you to do what is what to do, this confident webmaster should still be there.

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said back to ours, I write the title is very clear, the chain and original how to grasp? It is actually very simple, the chain of your poor you will fill the chain, your original less, spend a little time to write the article! As for how to check, you better than me! For example! I am now the enterprise station is the instrument of small enterprises, ranking can also love Shanghai, the chain also has more than 15000, included 500. So now I do not consider how to improve the ranking, is how to maintain this ranking, ranking as a fall as long as the boss, come to me again, sometimes I also feel depressed, love Shanghai exhaust all know, besides Shanghai dragon just as a technical means, so I don’t explain a lot. "Over time will be up, still do." Oh, actually I do not know what time will it play a means. This is the boss, he do not care about you, only care about your results.

ranking approach, I only talk about my personal practice, not necessarily for you, you can not look but don’t scold, thank you. Everyone is a novice, learning and communication.

saw an article today at the forum, I talked about in the website optimization, the content and the chain two how to choose? You choose is the main content of the website, because he lost weight, long original content can indeed improve the weight, love Shanghai it is such a thing. You don’t give a fresh point he will not visit you.

In fact, the landlord

second: Look! You do keyword ranking first to find your own the chain, the chain, then check your competitors’ can you more than his opportunity is high. The practice of the chain has a lot of, director of the training before stepping down me once, he says, is a chain of accumulation, is sometimes very boring. But there are skills, what skills? The first "extensive" chain, is wide, network promotion is to be widely. The more you rich chain, the user can find you the more, the more people you want to click on the ranking before without difficult. Then is the original important, your article must have.

: first you must first to analyze what you have to do the word, the word did not do, can not do, do not have. We should all love Shanghai index, or is the webmaster tools mining. The words so you can not do it not for you to say, is the user to say, of course you have killed love Shanghai when I did not say what.

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