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third, timeliness. Mainly in the timeliness of news, such as many industry portals such as Sina, "love Shanghai, these platform itself has a lot of correspondents around will, for example in the entertainment event of the latest entertainment information of these platforms are the first time to obtain first-hand information, and as a personal webmaster, of course we can’t go to fight these things and others, to our personal website for example, if your operation if it is local website, as itself can act as the identity of the reporter, can be the first time to grasp the local effective information, timeliness of information is the best embodiment of the requirements of the love of Shanghai. Usually observe, think more, summed up many believe that you will have a pair of eye.

first, correlation factors of content. It is not difficult to understand, this is the site of the lower layer can support the website theme, also is the site of all the time in the content of the construction of website theme, such as your site is to do to lose weight, but you must firmly the theme around this theme, such as column construction, exercise to lose weight, weight loss diet, slimming drugs should focus on this theme to total weight, specific articles all around the column, the website content added also must have the correlation is consistent with the column purpose, stepby step off the entire website theme.

fifth, users demand adjustment. We know that the user needs is not immutable and frozen, tend to be diversified, and with the passage of time the user needs are constantly changing, this is the adjustment of user needs, to constantly adjust the details of the website related to the user demand, I >

second, analysis of authoritative factors. Authoritative factors which we are very easy to understand, is the professional degree and credibility. As we own enterprise website in the optimization process of how to improve the degree of authority? Familiar with relevant product certificate, we get the release of information industry experts affirmed our product parameters? Whether to comply with the relevant national standards? As an opportunity, we can provide the mining enterprises in line with national and industry standards. To win the trust of customers, we won the recognition of enterprises.

I love Shanghai Lee recently by learning an internal file sharing interpretation of "love" in Shanghai in the new era of search optimization strategy under the deep feelings, the factors of which several love Shanghai announced the impact site the key algorithm and look for a detailed explanation, we continued to the point of short gossip.

fourth, richness. Mainly reflected in the content of the material, such as our corporate website, with micro marketing in-depth, only from the text already cannot satisfy the needs of consumers, this time, reflecting all aspects of video marketing, micro-blog platform, WeChat platform content on the site together, as far as possible to make web content sources, and constantly improve to meet the needs of users, and a wide range of topics displayed in different forms, these are the embodiment of richness.

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