One Piece Video Site cited a good flow of methods DaquanNever respond to content alliances

       ;       the above two points, you have to join the Content Alliance, and then rely on search engines to grab your data, such a model is definitely not feasible.

my station, ky530

4. a lot of content alliance did not provide flexible advertising, and even some of the alliance can only bring benefits to your PV, advertising rights is not set, it is in your traffic for others to earn advertising fees.

just opened an article that gave a more comprehensive description of content alliances, but I’d advise you not to do Content Alliance.

5. don’t think content alliance can bring you the essence of the world ranking to improve, because the search engines do not appreciate the sameness of the content, even if you temporarily get IP, but you must go down for a long time have been seriously affected.

was originally created in April 15, 2007,

1. as the search engine more and more intelligent, content alliance is undoubtedly a copy of the content to multiple sites, this is the search engine. "If you hate the content on the web has been repeated thousands of times, your content may not be collected; search engine" Content Alliance is actually the wind rush, an article out, among the numerous URL, which feel most URL is not going to be crawling.

2. joined the alliance is actually in the oil-water flow flow union organizers, SEO should know the effect of the solar system, if the same article appeared in the N website, then search engines outside the largest chain which website for the original site, to obtain the highest weight. Here is a guard of taste in it. All of the sub stations that join the traffic alliance have become the organizers’ propaganda website.

reprint, please retain all of the above information.

Hello everyone, today’s One Piece share is to teach you how to use video to lead traffic. This Wangzhuan tutorial is the result of long-term summary and actual out Wangzhuan project, the effect is very good, suitable for CPA or CPS. We all know that the video site traffic is very great, there are so many people watching the video on it every day, so long as we can lead to a little bit of their traffic that is considerable, then can draw on several flow method summary. Do not say much nonsense, enter today’s article topic.

this tutorial takes traffic flow to as an example of actual combat. The first sign of a good use of and can do the functions of advertising, the specific drainage method we can refer to the "One Piece: drainage methods", and then to the video website to register an account, the most recommended Youku, followed by six and I am happy, because the current recommended Youku Youku is indeed the largest flow of video website, and I recommend six music because I am happy and six good entertainment users. Detailed registration process is not much talk about. Then collect some funny or beauty like video upload, upload to end through the audit key, then we can modify the title and introduction, in the two places to add our friends, as long as people see and to our friends interested in their own , will take the initiative to add to our no.. But just said in fact is not the most efficient, the most effective way is to directly add friends of our watermark in the video, so we can not only induce Youku and other video sites above users add our , we can also take the initiative to mop and other large forum we upload the video, as long as our video funny enough, plus the forum traffic is very large, there are many people to add to our , and every day just go to dingyiding the post can wait. Finally, to do a little video drainage expansion, in addition to active drainage, we can also take the initiative to grab traffic, we can go to the popular video like Youku and other video sites home video comments recommended to leave our friends , you might ask why is ? Because most of the video site are not allowed to leave the site in the comments, of course, he will not think of some small crack method, you can also open the URL is, or with a short URL, then the front do not add http.

in short, if you already have a successful station, do not put your own two meters to the Content Alliance, not to promote their own content alliance of two meters. As a farmer has been hard to cultivate a piece of land, in the end is the property of others, the harvest is the only angle of the two strains of their corn top and bottom Content Alliance can generally set up advertising.

3. of course, if you have a large IP high standing effect is different, you can use your existing stations to promote your alliance in the content data, it can improve your PV, and IP, but it is not stable, once the content of alliance problems, you early do publicity will vanish like soap bubbles.

of course, if you have more than enough empty rice, you can tie some to the content league. Just for fun.

well, all the good ways are this. Finally, summarize the above methods. 1. video titles; 2. video presentations; 3. video watermarks; 4. video reviews. As long as you combine these four methods and the video is interesting, there are at least hundreds of people adding you every day, and a good video is playing for a while, not two days a day. At the same time, this tutorial is just , for example, you can also add your own web site in the above four methods. Finally I wish you a good fortune! 2011, territory Wangzhuan pirates >

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