gnore the website structure the optimization of Shanghai dragon may give up halfway



is to create internal links on each page, and the chain of coordinated planning, creating a bridge from another part of the part of the web site. Bread crumbs and related links can make web crawling and internal links automatically.

how to improve the website can capture


website can capture is one of the most important factors in the structure of the website. Can crawl is refers to the whole text search engine is able to grasp the target site, to understand the target site is about what. A part of the crawling process is to browse pages and a single theme, in order to understand the whole website.

Shanghai dragon can not know the details: ignore the website structure, the optimization of

can capture

good website can be an important principle of grasping is the search engine robots in the absence of a dead end on the site grab.

if the search engine robots encounter unexpected dead end, it may lead to the website of Shanghai Longfeng problems. According to the Matt Cutts before the noble baby engineer said, can capture is the primary factor to prevent problems in the noble baby index.

site structure is how to influence Shanghai dragon

may give up halfway

is that users should be able to correct navigation without difficulty from one page to another.

internal links


structure of the site will have a variety of ways to affect Shanghai dragon, and solve these problems is often much easier than imagined.

The basic principle of ?The easiest way to

Er Shanghai dragon to be clear, the structure of a web site or a web site is how to build, with a completely different website design focus. Not to think about how the actual web site structure, but consider all pages of the site is how to link together.

is a web site must be able to allow visitors to easily from a page to another page, this is considered graspable. Search engine robots for web crawling.


site structure is how to influence Shanghai dragon

good website structure, the "organization should be user-friendly and noble baby reptile for navigation. Have an organized structure of the site is very important for Shanghai dragon. If you do not create some logical structure, your other Shanghai Longfeng efforts may be in vain.


as everyone knows, a focus of successful website Shanghai dragon is the keywords and keyword research. In fact, equally important, if the website of Shanghai Dragon technology such as ignoring the website structure may make Shanghai Longfeng efforts to give up halfway.

What is the structure of the website

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