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the afternoon of May 17, 2013, love Shanghai web search anti cheat team in Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement said: in a week after the official from the green pomegranate pomegranate algorithm upgrade algorithm, algorithm will focus on rectifying the bad pre containing advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main page the content of the spam pages as the representative. Love the sea said the move is to respect the user search, purify the Internet environment as a webmaster! We need to pay attention to what the face of pomegranate algorithm


. We want to jump out of the rate drop at the end of the site, it is to know that we love Shanghai web page quality of high or low, love Shanghai is tracking the user cache, that is to say as long as the user enters your love from Shanghai station, users before you enter your site in Shanghai know. Love every act and every move below I talk about how to effectively reduce the bounce rate of

1. website. The website optimization speed normal opening speed is 10 seconds, 10 seconds. The website does not open, close to the user site eight achievement want to have considerable velocity of open space is very important for Diego selection, must test the space velocity of open space before buy in, then is love Shanghai has a statistical test speed after the test, Shanghai love will give you some hints, you need to modify the site open speed. Those things to improve

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2. for web content readability. For the website content with the added value of implicit demand and appropriate plus users, adding more content, some elements of

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two. To reduce and remove hinder the normal browsing of users

3. web site navigation, try to use text links, do not use image links, FLASH links

6. reduces the page in the article page gives the opportunity to distract the reader, according to statistics, the user will lose patience after turning the 1-2 page. So as far as possible to avoid excessive use of the page.

5. and the correlation between keywords to ensure a high bounce rate is usually because the readers to find web content is not you want to find, but more cases related keywords and articles is not good, or even wrong keywords unrelated settings cause the reader to quickly leave the. Such as the article entitled "ten foreign free virtual space", but the main keywords set to foreign virtual host or virtual space, it will make some free space to a reader in late, causing a high bounce rate.

4. browser is compatible, may only pay attention to your site’s performance in the IE6.7.8, but forgot to check the site in Firefox, Sogou, and 360 browser performance. Unfortunately, your website traffic from most other browsers, natural high bounce rate. So you have to do now is to quickly flow tools to view your visitors use the browser version, and try to make the site compatible with most


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