Jiang Wenming share several effective ways of the construction of the external links

fourth, the use of classified information network platform chain, classified information network is a good platform, it has two very important role. The weights of the network information classification is still relatively high, the first is a good brand for the site, the second point can increase the high quality the chain for the website.

today to tell you about how to do a website external links. When a web site to webmasters will be in the on-line time to do some external links to attract spiders, but do not have the effect of the first, but is not done properly, because there are some successful cases. The chain has a lot of ways but several main chain sources of Wuhan Shanghai dragon for you carefully to:

fifth, a lot of Links exchange platform is also can increase the chain. Links exchange platform but it is still very easy, only need to register an account, and then submit some information website on it.

second, from the blog, the weight under normal conditions to personal blog search engine is still considerable, but we don’t forget many of the personal blog message board use rel=" nofollow" rel=" nofollow& quot; tag, tag you should not me. Although the addition of rel=" nofollow" tag does not mean that you did not use a point, at least there is a good effect that is to lead the spider, this website has a very good effect.

third, the love of Shanghai products chain, love Shanghai know this platform we should not strange? The first target but the high quality of the chain, but also have a love of Shanghai know there are two very fatal disadvantage for us, that is link with passing rate is too low even if, through to report after opponent and what is not.

Wuhan Shanghai dragon

, now many webmaster in the chain source forum to. The source of the chain forum with anchor text links for the forum signature and forum posting. Forum signature in now is the mainstream of a chain, BBS signature is now a webmaster of the source of the chain, because the forum signature is fast and convenient, but relative to the forum posting effect is not so good, with the anchor text in the inside of the post effect is far higher than the forum signature effect. Suggest the webmaster chain when the forum signature and combining the post to improve the quality of the chain in the forum. Recommended reading articles within the chain anchor text on the website of the role of

The first kind of

sixth, use Adsense tools to do the chain query, use the webmaster tools query site survey, weight high website will be included, and the site next to search in that web site, which is very helpful for the site to bring flow. But this is not a platform for query query can be included, some weight high is.

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