With the software bugs will be mass down right

3. sites do not include illegal items, illegal Baidu won’t give you a satisfactory position, Baidu has cracked down on the site.

4. with the IP site is down right, your site will be involved in the case, meters so it is best to buy a separate IP space, it is not easy to be affected.

The number of

7. is now on Baidu stations, stations in more and more strict pressure, if your substance is to collect it, then you will Baidu down the right, if your website weight than the collection site high, that is too large, from the time, low weight site the amount collected will not have a high weight high, the frequency of updates are also different.

1. sites are often modified by title, the reason is most likely to cause the site to be search engine website down right, is not allowed to correct the number title is best not to correct understanding, search reliable user experience from the user’s habits of reasonable correction of title still can be.


the last two or three days, there are a lot of friends of the site was K, some said I have no bugs marketing software group to be K, and I said what the website did not move, why was K? Baidu algorithm is to know the changes every day, if your website ranking drop the site was K or so, first you should immediately find the reasons from their own problems, due to the use of software to see what reason, what is the reason, do not complain about the update algorithm of baidu. The search engine is the need to develop, then what will cause the ranking drop or website by K? Look together.

6. sites do not modify the columns easily out of the same lot caused 404 site in Baidu drop right, in the revision of the best time is 301, so can detract from the numerous traffic lost, Baidu are usually the 301 cycle is about half a year, the noble baby is about 10 days can be updated. In the modified note set 301.

5. site is K site do not exchange in the exchange chain and a little, not very good and a little illegal nature of the site and game sites to exchange links, not only harm the benefits, if not linked to each other, will be down the right. The website do not include this type of key words.

The number of

2. sites change site architecture and code layout, you can see from the baidu snapshot, baidu crawl web code, Baidu can read many documents covering the CSS style website in the progress of future, it is impossible to prevent the site upgrade, before Chong Shanghai Longfeng website before a large range of population structure, resulting in loss of all the website keyword, Baidu snapshot. Until the site was Baidu.

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