The search engine of the importance of standard [title] Sogou optimization

is not much, thank you for your patience to read this article. Another small A5 starting in a [love Shanghai optimization of high index latest share ranking] l fast dry cargo if you have time to look at.

: Sogou keywords ranking, the plate row is first Daquan [in a sheet I never set to Guinness keywords, but only in the title, so that search dogs to the title of the weight is very high, because love never ranked Shanghai.

here in my own website for example:

in the first A5. Source: Board Daquan 贵族宝贝iz100贵族宝贝 please indicate the source.


maybe you will feel what sniff at, Sogou optimization, please look at the percentage of Sogou search engine in about 15% (see below)


see Figure two: the figure one can see key words: aluminum plate ranked in the twentieth place, we look at the aluminum plate index is very high. The overall index above 1000 [focus here: the problem is that I didn’t go to the key basic aluminum plate optimization it, all in Sogou row to twentieth, it can be proved once again to the title of the Sogou engine weight is very high.

the title of the site is aluminum veneer, aluminum plate – plate Daquan]

is a Shanghai dragon er if you think these 15% are not important, so you can not see the contents of the following.

The content of

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