Right down the website ranking you caught it

, many people will think of the snapshot update speed has a direct impact on the website ranking, and the fact that the search engine is a snapshot of the site was the page data record file, it will not be able to intervene directly on the website ranking, a lot of very good ranking site of his latest snapshot is not.? as long as you do in the station information is good, not necessary to update the "mandatory accelerate website snapshot

second, in order to improve the site outside the station points, with the purchase or use of a number of software released the chain, resulting in a short time site outside the chain is greatly improved, and the link to the same page, this is a typical link cheating phenomenon, fall right is certain things.

generally we determine the reference site is down right is a snapshot, ranking sites included sag, speed reduction and so on, but it can prove that the website is down right? In fact, the search engine is not a server, in order to realize the synchronization of website data will make a database update, this time there will be abnormal data that is due to the time difference. Blind adjustment will only make the site worse, spend a week in search engine small update, the data has not been restored to the initial judgment right down.

for the website right down there are computer screening and ranking of human intervention in two cases. Computer programmers through screening is a feature set value selection algorithm for judgment; human intervention is through the process of selecting the sensitive vocabulary then sampling two audit manual. This is why when the site right down many webmaster can cause the way through the appeals website the weight recovery.

another right down ranking is the question of the ranking is not stable, the situation appears in the new station. A new station on the line because the search engine database update website will give some special weighted, some popular words in new sites in the short term rise quickly to the home position, so the ranking will many times in the next update and dropped the phenomenon. This is normal can be ranked as the right down, because this phenomenon is the initial pseudo Ranking Ranking, see is the short term "mirage". But if the late maintenance, these words will be stable in home soon. It is because of the added value fluctuation caused by the instability of the same website ranking does not belong to the lower right ranking, as long as the maintenance chain, chain of friends pay attention to choose a stable space, you can avoid ranking fluctuations.

In fact,

first, because the website content for the collection of information, although the day is updated but the content value is almost zero, the readability is small; the site was attacked the universal value of domain name parsing lots of sites that will drop, easy to cause the drop right.

On ranking?

said how the situation will cause drop right

website ranking overnight 100 after your site is down right in the rankings? How to quickly recover from lost right down the ranking? Today I Dennis and together right down ranking problem analysis.

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