Taobao is the most sellers understand Shanghai Dragon Master

for Shanghai dragon, Shao Lianhu is only a general, after all, is their own self, nor by the Shanghai dragon did how niubable case. However, they did make use of Shanghai Dragon technology website ranking also to do some. I believe there are a lot of Shanghai dragon master, I am also very recognized by the Shanghai dragon this technology, it can be said that in the network promotion method is a very good method. However, Shanghai dragon what is still a lot of people don’t understand.

Shao Lianhu personal view: Shanghai dragon is about search engine ranking algorithm, and then put their love into the search engine website optimization website, website ranking make man-made changes better, finally is to get some free traffic from search engines.

said Shanghai dragon, we are so professional learning Shanghai Longfeng staff feel very great. We can confidently tell anyone, we are Shanghai dragon staff. As the saying goes "Knowledge is infinite., people, have regressed than their characters in any one industry. Here, Shao Lianhu blog is chatting with everyone a day Taobao seller Shanghai dragon.

but what is Shanghai dragon? We who love the Shanghai dragon, some people think that the Shanghai dragon is the chain, every day you send the chain, looking for the chain platform. Some people think that Shanghai is doing Links dragon, not related to all related links, the more the better. Some people think that Shanghai dragon must focus on user experience, original every day. In short, Shanghai dragon views for each person are not the same.

Shanghai of Shanghai in the eyes of the dragon dragon lovers


love Shanghai dragon friends are generally in the search outside the forum, I would also like you, also in the self-study Shanghai dragon has not learned, with a teacher after learning with practice for two years can be said to be basically understand Shanghai longfeng. I also use the Shanghai Dragon technology some of their own website optimization is ok.


what is the Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai Encyclopedia: Shanghai dragon by English Search Engine Optimization abbreviation, Chinese translation for "search engine optimization". Shanghai dragon refers to the natural search results and process of site traffic access. Shanghai dragon refers to the base of natural ranking mechanism in the search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site, improve the site in the search engine keywords ranking, get more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website marketing and brand building.

for Shanghai dragon has a lot of knowledge, not to say a few good points on the line, have all the details of the Shanghai dragon to do can do, not what, also don’t do too much, there may be a search engine to punish. And those of us who know Shanghai dragon, "

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