Share some high weight chain Their collection

in the webmaster industry, we all know that the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" of the ancient words, we are every webmaster in mind. So we not only to do the internal web site optimization, website structure, content from both the internal and internal chain for search engine optimization ranking Shanghai dragon, far is not enough. So we pay attention to and deeply and released a series of the chain, so as to achieve the combination of internal and external effects to optimize the website.

the following picture outside the chain of www.qqyjx贵族宝贝 were collected over the years and the webmaster to share with you, hope for the novice Webmaster Help the novice webmaster! Thanks to A5 this platform, otherwise you will not get so simple, and the author also called for more old webmaster selfless point, everyone this paper first to share and learn from each other! Station network, please indicate the source.

but for the novice do stand, the chain is undoubtedly the most troubling thing. Why? Because the author is from the novice to the website, know the initial difficulties. Perhaps many of the real "old master", I am still a novice, but proud of is I have a good outside chain resources, so relative to other novice do stand, I is very good. In the new stage, did not hand resources, and share with the old owners outside the chain of resources, can only own one by one to collect, so as to accumulate. Your new station on the line, there is no ranking, not included, friends of the chain also nobody wants to change, so that very frustrated.

so, the author in the past few years finishing some high quality weight forum outside the chain, after all these years of testing, relative to other outside chain, the effect is good, the weight is very high, and almost all with anchor text links, are excellent for the website ranking and weight it is suitable for the site to do. Well, here the author is not in long winded, began to link (because too many links, so the author in the form of pictures to share with you).

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