Shanghai dragon really have some unknown optimization skills

now talk about Shanghai dragon, skill problem has not so mysterious, at least, Shanghai dragon technique has been in technology without increasing, another argument is that Shanghai Dragon technology all over the world, just love Shanghai. There will be tens of thousands of results.

1. has the strict sense of the unknown technology then? If from structural sense there is no chat, then something, in the framework of theoretical processes are not much different, but the basic, advanced, home, operation and promotion of the heart. But in the specific level is the concrete methods and techniques. This is strictly the difference is very large, but also optimize the one thing more features, in fact it is some more practical, or very useful methods, but not may be unknown in that sense, it is known, is also desirable, but may not be.

Shanghai dragon has been a single information chain from the previous upgrade operation become a multi direction optimization and promotion of technology, has been difficult to locate, in another aspect, also said Shanghai Dragon technology basically as long as learning or understanding of friends are not difficult to find, basically so much.

dimension of things, basically can understand the specific things through information retrieval. In another dimension that is Shanghai dragon has come to the information point, so transparent that everyone, everyone can learn available.


so Shanghai dragon really have some unknown optimization skills?


but as long as it is to read the friends will find most of the technical and the homogenization of serious, that is to say, the basic content of no much difference, technical method basically is a superficial reform.

Three. Open Shanghai Dragon

level: basic optimization, user experience and content analysis: user level

and Shanghai dragon Gang operation.


Shanghai dragon is a bitter job, everything will be affected by the practitioners team to develop their own logic technology and professional level, which in reality, a lot of work is directly arranged, that is to say most of the Shanghai dragon are the direct promotion of professional workers, optimize the division is not pure the cause of this dilemma that most companies are small groups of operation, a multi function, to water, cooking, will have to serve people, it is difficult to.

in this sense, is a kind of exercise and growth, is also a kind of life experience, but want to have professional technology, or very difficult, not to mention is confidential after.

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