See the web page ranking advantage from the Shanghai love index upgrade

is the page or inside pages, regardless of whether you are optimized lottery website or mechanical website, website optimization ideas from the content to the site outside the chain is so common. The quality of love in Shanghai is fast included in the page depends on your website pages, content pages of high quality to get good rankings. Optimization in system www.7ien贵族宝贝.cn site to buy lottery tickets, I mainly make rich web content, before I could mainly focus on the production of home. In the rich in the website pages, I found the site system lottery together to buy pages ranking than front page.


previously, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announced that on November 26th, with sea index tool to upgrade version of the official opening. The index tools upgrade version of the new custom query function, the site after the completion of verification, you can use the tool. Love Shanghai get faster and more complete collection of high-quality content, so when I buy lottery website optimization system, it made great adjustment. Since the search engine on the page, then I will focus on the optimization of the content. Careful webmaster will find love Shanghai more and more attention to the content page ranking. When searching for the lottery software related core words, that I do many website pages ranking. So how do we focus on the optimization of the inside pages of

do website page ranking I mainly from the two aspects above, if the webmaster and other methods, can share learning together. Here I mainly from the site of the lottery together to buy system optimization experience share several ideas as to how to enrich the content page, this needs the webmaster think, different types of web page content is not the same. As for the chain is mainly associated with the content of the website and of high quality, the chain platform. Remember not blind the chain, all the correlation is the premise of website.

1, rich web content page

Because the

upgrade love Shanghai search system, making a large number of high-quality content to get faster and more fully included, higher quality recognition accuracy for web content. In fact, this phenomenon began in December last year, the index data of the website is changed, and the love of Shanghai index tools in data will also change. That sharp owners from Shanghai love this adjustment can find love Shanghai more and more emphasis on the quality of website content.

2, released the chain within the page

before the optimization system of lottery together to buy the site, mainly is the chain extension for the home page, because the weights are concentrated in the home, and the home page included fast, general ranking is the home advantage. But in recent years Shanghai love changes quickly, love Shanghai in progress, we also have to learn the webmaster for the site progress, we should go to Shanghai dragon re cognition, do website operations maintenance work. Do optimization is not a constant, love the sea, we have to follow the change.

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