The application of P on the flow of bait means to build thousands of experience sharing

, on the flow and the chain bait bait definition and distinction of

when I did the Fenglin quotations network website optimization, the relationship between the site keywords, do bait flow more smoothly, rarely do link bait. The site of the key words are "classic funny sayings" "love"; the soft theme closely to the practical hot topic, entertainment and so on the forefront of fashion, these people interested in super hot, within a period of time. For example, once a time fengjie. Take me as "classic funny sayings" the words do flow bait for example. My text is such arrangement, including their PS few Zhang Fengjie photos (1 Zhang soft enough, in order to lure others), absolutely can let you misunderstand the effect. The remaining part is about Fengjie classic funny sayings, not even Xifeng what classic funny sayings, also want to get some classic funny sayings, said Xifeng, not funny sayings never appear, super funny sayings also don’t say. (this is the bait) 7, said, 8 enough, of course there are more super funny sayings and Xifeng Xifeng tiring photos expect you to appreciate, leave your links can.

bait?Two, the bait vector The

fix, is released, generally do not show the links, not by direct link to the website is not made, unless there is some portal forum. Many people may say, where there is a popular forum for the link? But just look for what is still there, Fetion forums, popularity is also very busy. Then the article was posted to the.

first of linkbait o do a simple description of the flow. As the name suggests is the chain link bait, lead spider, many link bait, but not today to share the theme; as to the drainage flow bait, also can produce some side effect, such as increasing the chain. Can be said that the advantages of the link bait bait flow, and highlights the advantages of flow bait itself, is to lead flow accuracy — that is to say, even if you have no ranking, but you can still get traffic. Below I will carefully say how to do traffic

three, the actual operation flow of decoy

traffic bait also in the form of a lot; I’ll share a I the most commonly used form of flow bait today, is soft form (personal love and write something for the sake of it). The location is the most important thing is the flow down (i.e. bait bait vector) is a popular forum, popular forum, and allowed to leave a link (click now links form) forum. Of course, the prerequisite is the website we really have to let others interest.

do a lot of Shanghai dragon knows do link bait, also enjoy linkbait real benefits, but today I have to share the traffic bait; website no ranking does not matter, so you can create a IP on thousands of websites.

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