Stability is of overriding importance link building multi channel simultaneously better

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blog, especially the major gateway to Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other blog, it has inherited the portal root domain advantage, congenital weight is very high. This is why some owners said that the main reason of the Sohu, micro-blog can optimize the keywords, the essence is because Sohu domain high weight, and non Sohu micro-blog have what special place. Blog links not only high weight, stability and congenital, imagine, if not excessive implantation no one will close links to your blog, especially some high weight blog portals. Remove the high weight and strong stability, blog generally do not need to review, in a specific range, they can do whatever they want to send text. Even some bloggers have also allowed to add link anchor text keywords on the one or two, for the website optimization is icing on the cake.

soft link

blog, forum link stability to be much worse. Some large forum, almost every forum administrators have found inappropriate advertising posts or text links, directly cleared. But due to some high popularity BBS weight is quite good, the house has a resident spider search, update the search engine included immediately. The link included, but the source link only to be cleared, when the end of the month update naturally there will be substantial link to reduce. The forum link also can not bring stable links, just after by writing. Almost all of the forums are the original love, while allowing the implant in the original post keyword anchor text links, such as the A5 forum Zatan forum can. Original things, not only love, love the moderator users, search engines also love, through the original post is the most important link to reduce the stability of high.

link in website construction and website optimization, is absolutely essential. Because the search engine on the web crawling retrieval is based on the link above. So the website optimization is "content is king, the link is emperor" doctrine, but building links such as drowning boat behind. Even has always insisted on the link building, poor enforcement will have the same effect. The monthly search engine update, we can get a glimpse of one or two links, or greatly reduce the massive increase, or hundreds of thousands of dollars. For some sites, seems to be some high quality links can affect the website weight and keywords ranking, not the chain of hundreds of thousands of dollars was deleted. Stability is the overriding, should follow the principles of constructing link, unstable links not only can improve the keywords ranking, or even reduce weight website. A variety of links to resources, whether blog or forum, it should be said that no matter what kind of link resources has its own characteristics, to grasp and use, stable quality link building is no longer a problem.

no one will be easier to obtain than soft, the quantity and quality of the link, when you worry about high quality links, try a soft. The quality of soft Wen will.

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