And the search engine to talk about a love with vigour and vitality

three, the search engine does not love you the accumulation of keywords

title is the core of a website, the search engine attaches great importance to the title, if often modify title will not drop right, is more likely to be K. In general, the small website properly modify the headlines to increase website ranking, but remember to modify the title must be associated with the original title and in accordance with the positioning of the site. If you are a large portal title, so frequently changed the title search engine will lead to resentment, because before the site has been characterized in the search engine, if you modify the title without any notice, the consequences will be very serious, is a direct ranking decline, two is the weight of direct drop, three are caused by K home page.

accumulation is very repugnant to search engines, but this requires specific treatment according to the specific site. Key words do not deliberately increase or decrease, nature can be, if the density increase deliberately, which can cause excessive optimization, search engine will be punished. In general, as long as you are naturally clamp into words, the place, the wrong places do not appear, according to the experience of users to make adjustments to the. So it is not necessary to keyword density increase and there will be no need to pay attention to, just do naturally on the line.

, a search engine does not love your site frequently revision

depth explain?

two, the search engine doesn’t love you frequently modify the title

Keywords The

if the site collection content is far more than the original or false original number, which is very difficult to guarantee the quality, the search engines crawl in screening, your site will classify, belong to the lower level, so the acquisition or less. Really want to do for a long time, the station station do not collect, as long as.

early in the site are not good location, often leading to late site revision, this is the most common cause of the site right down the way. If the site is not particularly good, or the site does not require a large area of revision, it is best not to change, if the user experience is poor and not conducive to the optimization, it should also be changed slowly, don’t change, it will grab the next Shanghai love think you not before you, the search engine will think is new, in the review, re verification, immediately right down. So the website is very important, must be considered.

Many webmaster


four, search engine is more love collection content is

Shanghai Longfeng is equal to the love and search engine, we can not make yourself too wronged, and not let the sad and hate search engine. We will have to learn to coax, to coax his girlfriend. To fully understand the search engine search engine qualitative, as long as we understand that what love, what is love, then we can do the Shanghai dragon reach the acme of perfection. Then let Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Liu Yufan which way will make the search engine hate for everyone

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