The daily clinic event summary enterprise website optimization problems a

four, ignore the inside pages optimization

analysis suggested that for the URL to access the same page solution, use the 301 permanent redirection, standardized access address; or add code in the robots file, do not shield the spider included page address. Reduce the number of address indexed web weight.

problem: the construction site failed to notice a number of URL can access the same page, resulting in duplicate page spider crawl the site, more than URL by search engines, the weight of dispersed sites. There is a common standard home without WWW address access, /index.asp address can visit the home page, two directory entrance and different static and dynamic addresses are included.

two, the potential dead link

problem: large enterprise marketing website will inevitably exist, dead link error page, but often dead links are the webmaster ignored, can not be aware of the existence of the dead link.

analysis suggested: webmaster need to check the web site links, remove dead links of the existing site. There is not a dead link what good website, first a website if there are a lot of dead link, will greatly damage the overall image of the website, and the search engine spider is through the link to crawl, if too many links can not reach, not only it will reduce the number of pages, and your site in the search engine’s weight will be greatly reduced.

analysis suggested that for the product details page, a detailed description of the site should be in the product, and supporting the promotion of other products in the product page, such as the purchase of a jacket in the introduction, some can collocation pants, jewelry, hats, scarves and other products on display, try to put on this dress above.

[A5] is the daily clinic marketing team to carry out public welfare activities, is a preliminary diagnosis of the site. This activity has been successfully clinic hundreds of cases, mainly for diagnosis of the corporate website, A5 marketing during diagnosis also summarizes some common problems, many enterprises tend to ignore in the optimization details.

, a web site access specification

three, marketing the product detail page monotone

meta tags

problem: To observe the general enterprise site can be found, most of the enterprise site page meta tags directly call the home page, the spider crawl the page content, first from a large number of repeated meta tags, meta tags, spiders may think that page is a page to repeat, for such a page, the spider included.

problem: for the marketing of the business site, it is important to product detail page, the common enterprise site by the amount of information industry is doing, like information site, and detailed product page is very monotonous, is only the product picture display, can be included in the search engine page is also very little, almost can not get the long tail keywords corresponding ranking, with no flow.

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