Answer love of Shanghai know the method and the matters needing attention

 Figure Figure two

this question has been answered, you look at whether others answer content can solve the problem of the questioner or answer the answer if you have different opinions, as long as the questioner also did not adopt the conditions you can answer.

, a landing Shanghai know love account, know the keyword and classification page set in personal attention center. The operation steps are as follows: landing love Shanghai know account, in the middle of the page with the display, click "my concern keywords were" and "classification" I focus on the set.

If you choose

Figure three

why many webmaster Shanghai dragon to have sex in Shanghai know promotion? We can know in the search box on the search for a problem, then check the answers. The following figure: you will find many answers, the answer is to: XX or company name with. But we usually know see these questions and answers most is the enterprise itself and give yourself love love Shanghai because Shanghai know, know not only can promote a reputation promotion while started business, so now know love Shanghai has become one of the enterprises in a way to promote. Then love Shanghai know the promotion of the problems the answer is how to do it? Here we follow the network to learn about love.

two, the problem and answer note

"Keywords" and "my concern" classification set? Set the focus on key words and classification of love in Shanghai will you set good keywords and classification of all the questions raised by netizens screen display, convenient you faster selection problem. The following figure:

1. recommend problem in Shanghai in love you are good at problem of priority answer, but the answer to the specific details, can not do things carelessly.

is the first love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, love the sea this platform is for the convenience of users do not understand the problems in life through the love of Shanghai know to get it if you want to answer, everyone loves Shanghai know the question answer was just to promote enterprises, then account for less than three days will be seal. Because you can not provide no information to users effectively, net not to answer the. Of course, some friends will say my answer is not very detailed, but also by the. Love only with this operation friend said just a time not long. If we want to get to the long-term development, so we answer the question must be in accordance with the Shanghai protocol to know love, with the true content, must be able to help the questioner.

first we’ve mentioned a set "keyword" my concern will appear after the love Shanghai recommended, so we begin to love Shanghai know how to recommend the problem we choose and answer.

Why should I pay attention to

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