The wind blows the network anti vice operation and profit mode

build public platform, to a certain public authentication account to members of the dissemination of information, marketing model mainly to push advertising, select some valuable news and information media pushed to the attention of the user, and in the illustration or the back, with a carefully designed advertising map at a glance, not the impact of user experience, but also to achieve the maximum effectiveness of advertising communication.

review: May 5th, the national "anti pornography" to combat Internet pornography cases since 10, the prominent characteristics of these cases are: establishment of garbage collection content, use WeChat, QQ group of spreading pornographic information.

have the same hobby needs of people will gather in the same group, QQ group is a treasure for businesses, without too much cost, you can publish their own advertising information. Through the QQ group marketing, no need too much promotion costs, just released an advertisement information can be simultaneously transmitted to thousands of members in the group group.

shocked the Internet network anti vice wind up to the past, FengFengGuangGuang webmaster serious blow, Xiao Bian today don’t discuss these cases with Germany, these are not our young people to discuss the topic, first look at the operation mode of the webmaster and profit model from the case.

operation mode of common

in the case of the webmaster content sources mostly by junk software acquisition, content dissemination of the establishment of a large number of stations, to master the core, other sites as auxiliary force in improving the weight of the main station. To promote more concentrated use of user groups social platform, will be the reason why "sweeping the yellow wind blow, is also a successful operation, profitability, and become the head of the bird, and everyone looked like. Xiaobian to share several WeChat and QQ group operating profit pattern.

operation mode of common

WeChat platform marketingWeChat

QQ group marketingA group of

small attention Guo Jingming of WeChat, will push the classic daily quotations, for small series of such quotations control the user experience is very high, but small series will be Guo Jingming to bring people to the advertising, each week will implant a few obvious ad, he will be in the rich media content send on the ad content, such as quotations, pictures refer to some brand names, advertisements and so on, can easily put the user into advertising, but also not easy to cause the user conflict, this kind of advertising model is also a good effect.

first >

small new website 88 tiger fortune network, website is to free the theme of Feng Shui fortune, early to promote the popularity of the site, no less in QQ people send small advertising, marketing for several details of QQ group should pay attention to:

some WeChat marketing in advertising the main pure, this is not to say, we will send the advertising, for itself is the product of the service platform, pure advertising to impress users mind, then achieve marketing sales results.

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