On the social status of Shanghai Dragon School

first, the content of the website, we began to website content compared to a person’s ability and accomplishment, ability refers to the high quality of the original article, and the cultivation of internal links is to optimize the website. The importance of the original article we will not say. Why optimize the website internal links so important? A person with ability, but no culture, strange, let a person get along well, so his social position is certainly higher than where to go. So a site if the original content of high quality, but the chain optimization is not good, the search engine came in often come to a dead end, then certainly rank in the same circumstances will lag behind the chain optimization well site.

Shanghai Longfeng result is simply to be a site keywords in the search engine rankings. Let’s say:

understand that after two, you don’t have the important content outside the chain of important or why worry about, if you want to get a stable long-term ranking, these two points are important, but one can not.

finally want to add two points:

put a web site to a person, it is in the search engine rankings we just as this person’s social status. "Content is king" in the content, like this person’s ability, cultivation. "The chain for emperor" of the chain, is the society other people or institutions, views and recognition of the people.

Today I want to give

now we know that the content of a web site, is like a person with ability and accomplishment. But if there is no chain, there is no other people on the social recognition of his words. Then, he is still not what social status.

some Shanghai dragon novices explain Shanghai dragon ranking essence. We all know that Shanghai is the dragon eight law "content is king, the chain for the emperor". When I first entered the Shanghai dragon can only know about, but what is the specific, we explain the image of today.

second, the website chain: the chain is not possible, the chain is quality. A high quality website gives you a Links, like the CCTV program gives you an advertisement, let all the people think you are good. But at the same time a dumpster also gives you a chain, like the roadside.

on the other hand, if a site no, but he has a strong chain. Then he could obtain temporary ranking. Like a person, no ability, but by some means let the people mistakenly believe that he has the ability, like last year’s health master Zhang, a short period of time, become the master of the domestic first-class, but this does not have the ability to cheat was eventually discovered, is now "One’s reputation was a byword". We’ll come back to the website, if your content is not, but you through some means, to get high quality of the chain, although some will get even ranked good rankings, but not stable. May sink will likely never come up.

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