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love love Shanghai Shanghai as an example, the search results page links in general below and to the right upper left, left, when the visitors were associated with our business search, if we offer the lowest price is higher than the industry show, can participate in the auction mechanism, so that we will have the opportunity to get some advertising Shanghai ranked in love. When our ads are clicked on, and the love of Shanghai to our website every delivery of a visitor, we need to pay a fee to the price per click is CPC. If our PPC account structure reasonable, operation mode is correct, and the quality is high, then we show the lowest price and the CPC will be very low. On the one hand is the lowest price in Shanghai will reduce the love show and CPC, another aspect is that potential customers visit the website brings more value than we pay. We assume that the price per click is $3, and the click brings a sum of 300 yuan of sales, then we made. Here, the morning tea need to remind you that the lowest price is due to the different business show.

then, let’s take a look at the promotion plan how to create efficient and profitable.

last week, morning tea together and win the search out of the search engine auction framework, combined with before we had learnt what is PPC, presumably of the network marketing have a preliminary understanding, but I do not know whether the idea is clear. Today, the morning tea win search PPC related concepts or dimensions of integration before learning together, we work together to review.

, and a review of PPC morning tea.

created a profitable and efficient promotion programs, the above has said, is to grasp the strong correlation and intelligent positioning PPC promotion plan. At the same time, to create value for users and can meet the needs of users of fantasti>

usually, to build a profitable promotion plan, we need to do a lot of preparatory work, from the mining and choose the right words to the right keywords combination will be organized for the promotion group, and combination of promotion plan, to design and optimize the transformation between the landing page, but also pay attention to key words, advertising text (creative) and the matching degree and the correlation between the landing page, because the matching degree of correlation is strong, the quality of the PPC account will be higher, and then enjoy the search engine’s reward policy. Here, the morning tea is not redundant search to win these rewards policy.

PPC is the abbreviation of Click Pay per, is the most commonly used model in network marketing. In this model, advertisers need to PPC ads every click pay a fee. Simply put, is the PPC model is to buy traffic for the site, rather than for the website to attract natural flow. The search engine advertising is the most popular PPC mode popular advertising model. When there is a keyword associated with advertisers and business users in search engines, search engines allow advertisers in the search engine for promotion link auction advertising.

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