The long tail keywords optimization is actually so simple

we all know, search engines love original content, especially the love of Shanghai. So we do in the long tail keywords at the same time, we must ensure that the quality of the content, the best is original content, that is the best, because the only way to better attract spiders to crawl, and then give a good impression.

made headlines at the same time, we can highlight keywords using some tags, such as H1, H2, and a series of bold can attract attention spider tags to around collocation. The other is that we can in the content the amount of increase the anchor text forms some long tail keywords to link related pages, but do not pile up, otherwise it will be regarded as cheating in search engine. We can also add other page long tail keywords to do the weights between page and page sharing in writing the other long tail keywords content, this ranking of long tail keywords is also very good, in fact, the optimization of long tail keywords is not difficult, but in a long stick with the process, there are some tips and precautions and then the author will introduce you briefly.


1, when we do as much as possible to ensure the content of the number of words in the 180 bytes above, otherwise to be identified as the junk spider.

with long tail keywords be many webmaster step by step from approval to focus, and began the long tail word related specialized operating their own website, this for a web development especially new sites, is the best choice of long tail keywords, after all, compare many high index of keywords are some good weight the old station occupied. So we can choose to do flow from the long tail word, the effect is quite substantial, so how to do long tail keywords? Today I will share with you some management experience, hope to help you master.

to do the long tail keywords, is not blind to do, remember to end from zero. So we were doing before, first to collect, mining the long tail keywords, you can come to the general search using the keyword search engine drop-down box, so there will be some long tail keywords in the bottom, and the way and so on gradually mining, other words we can use the Internet to some long tail keywords mining tools the collection, which is simple and convenient. Well I do not in trouble, directly on the body.

, of course, a good original content while essential, but also need a good title for phase collocation, then what kind of title is a good title? By the author to answer: first title must focus on content customization, and not the one and only in the network. The repeated phenomenon, there is just perfect in the title but do not add a keyword, keyword, the last is from the user’s point of view to think about writing the title, so if you do the above points, it is fully deserve "good title".

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