Yue Huai Shanghai Dragon analysis to avoid the site snapshot technique

first, the content of the site must adhere to the rules of the update every day; if it is the high quality of the original that is better, because the spider love original high things, regularly update every day is necessary, it is not updated when some owners are busy, sometimes update many articles, this it is wrong, it does not update the spider crawling website without fresh content can crawl, repetition is such, the spider will not come to your site, there will be a serious snapshot.

second, the website internal optimization should be appropriate; appropriate internal optimization is an important factor affecting the keywords ranking, that what is optimized appropriately? 1, do not modify the title title, the title is the core part of the website, the website in the title made after the best not to move, if the spider to be modified to grab, enter the sandbox effect, the search engine will bring up the previous website snapshot, might appear to file phenomenon; 2, frequent update website keywords, keywords may be stood before the election is not good, the competition force or no flow, this is the webmaster want to change the word, so that the spider don’t judge, it does not know what words according to the website, they simply do not come.

third, to stabilize the selected server space; if the server problem where the space station, as the slow speed is not easy to open, then just follow the link to the spider climb to your site, but the road is not smooth, the spider can’t grab, the snapshot will retreated to a snapshot before space stable period, and is waiting for the server well, but the server time changes, which will cause the snapshot.

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster to compare the value of love Shanghai snapshot update frequency, if the daily snapshot update instructions from the web spiders can crawl to think of it, in line with the search engine search habits, so the spider gives the keywords ranking nature also will be high. For the website snapshot suddenly retreated, the webmaster said cannot hold. In fact, in some extent to the phenomenon of file snapshot site suddenly can also be avoided, the Yue Huai marketing (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) would like to talk about some tips I know:

fourth, Links chain with caution; and other sites to exchange Links is to improve our website weight and ranking. Not only to link to health websites every day to check the Links, once found the chain down right or be K, we want to delete immediately, otherwise we will be together with the website snapshot love Shanghai punishment, sometimes also will appear. If the chain in a certain period of time a lot of increase or decrease, then the search engine will think you have, your website snapshot file is a warning to you, so do the high quality of the chain is key.

fifth, increase the user experience of the website; increase the user experience is very necessary, the webmaster Service >

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