n those years we were chasing the dragon training in Shanghai

3, teachers significantly behind the pompous advertisement.

the "Shanghai dragon training institutions" have a large number of loyal Navy, they not only rely on the navy to recruit, and every corner of the Internet is still spraying garbage, attacking counterparts to enhance their status, but these things are not mind constantly belittle yourself. Now the Internet is very competitive, many in Shanghai Longfeng training sector might be a smaller, since it is smaller then a little low-key, rise in the pragmatic, win people’s respect by the strength, this is the real operation of the road, can not rely on a slander and stronger than their opponents to * * get your vote, this will only stone on their own feet, let yourself caught up in a piece of infamy.

attacks stronger than their opponents.


Abstract: speaking of Shanghai dragon training, many people may know, there are a lot of garbage in Shanghai Longfeng, claiming to be "Shanghai dragon training institutions", claiming to be the master, this itself is a cipher, but with a brazen wrapped spirit make people disgusted, in an unbeatable, pressure does not fall attitude to life on the Internet in the crevice stands. In those years, we were chasing the Shanghai dragon training! The legend of the "Shanghai dragon training institutions" is it have no shame…

I do the analysis from the following points:

"Shanghai dragon training institutions" the navy has done a great deal of publicity in various forums, the temptation of the advertisement is unusual, founder of a certain teacher simply with a mortal, simply than Wang Tong Wang Tong. But I understand that their teacher is really very general is very general, maybe just a year or so learned out bluff, a lot of training to copy others or directly from the Internet, and their arrangement, some Shanghai Longfeng this is new to them to be fooled. I feel like such a waste of time if you go to training as well as their own Internet at home, looking for some information to their own learning. Grass root is grass root, nobody will laugh at you, but there is no need to Lenz charge white Formica, modesty is the success of this, the "Shanghai dragon training institutions" without high level is not wrong, wrong is not put on the water level.

The "Shanghai

2, with poor lie for their own purposes.

training institutions under the banner of" dragon "to ensure that life free training Shanghai dragon do not charge any fees" under the guise of people everywhere, in fact, a little minded people will see, life is absolutely free of gimmicks, because our country has yet to achieve communism… A plausible lie is blinded by some unsuspecting people means. I think that a man can not be dishonest, do the training institutions as well, if you start to do a lot of commitment to later can not be honored, becomes a disguised form of deception, and this mechanism is always do not do not do this, the * * * explains those short-sighted "Shanghai dragon training institutions" and not a a good style of training institutions.

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