Keywords competition degree analysis method of inventory

competitors more, and keywords are ranking, we can conclude the competition website optimization. Then we have to consider the competition website in the optimization of these words in the end is what way, we rely on their own strength and resources can beat the competition in a short period of time? If not, then give up, choose other keywords. Take my website software direct selling network, a rival keywords I are high conversion business words, and most have ranked, and through the analysis found that rival keyword optimization operation is very good, through a lot of content, establish a special problem in the form of keywords optimization. We think after considering its own strength, it uses his special page optimization, but the choice of the other keywords, avoid direct competition.

more than two keywords competition degree analysis is through the analysis of the competition site

when we choose keywords, it is best to choose a high conversion rate, the degree of competition of small words. We analyze the keywords competition degree of conversion, consideration is not high conversion words, and then through the webmaster tools to check competitor keywords in the rankings of love in Shanghai. If the key competitors are high conversion rate, but also have good keywords ranking, we can determine the website user experience is very good. They should consider the keywords we do, to put a long time? How much human effort? If not optimized up at the scheduled time, more than competitors, we should give up the key words. Selection of heat is smaller and less competitive keywords.

1, analysis of competitors and the degree of conversion keywords ranking

2, the number of competitors

our common keywords competition degree analysis factors: love Shanghai index, search volume, see the number of website ranking in the auction, the number of natural ranking web page, the quality of the top ten natural sites, love Shanghai promotion background service etc.. When considering these factors, we will popularity of keyword do a statistical. Analysis of key words belong to general keywords, or popular keywords, or popular keywords or super popular keywords. (in general, every industry is a hot word, such as the Shanghai dragon industry "Shanghai dragon" is a popular word now) with the user experience more and more attention, in consideration of keywords, we should also consider these two aspects.


website optimization is one of the core work of Shanghai dragon and the choice of keywords. We will consider some factors when choosing keywords. But now with the search engine algorithm changes, will rank right gradually inclining to the user. Is there more and more in the site’s ranking factors into the user experience. Cause now even new sites may also beat the old station. Today is to introduce some new methods for keywords competition analysis.

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