Discussion on Shanghai dragon training single page site on factors affecting the Shanghai Dragon

chain – the site of the perception of the high quality of the chain

these days, there is a website Tinghuo, a single page website that is Robin, why do you say that, because this site within a short period of time, will occupy the first love Shanghai search "Shanghai dragon training", to let more people feel the meaning of thinking, what is what is the reason that the website flying into such a bright place, such a site to bring what we think of it, and listen to me speak slowly come to send a screenshot ranking:

second: domain name – the site of the old domain name may be useful

we always think a lot of time, if our website when using the old domain that is good, I believe that when more people see the site, this idea will be more intense, is that many people believe that this excellent website cannot do without reason to check the domain name, domain name is for 6 years, have to say the domain name qualification is enough, in fact, that in such a role too, the old domain, because the old domain name for.

users need, I can share what, from the sharing what I can create, to ensure that the content is of high quality, and then recommend their correlation with the page, in general, is closely related to high quality and relevance, only for the user and valuable articles, make them willing to share the article, so that they can progress all belong to high quality content. The link of high quality and high quality of the chain are closely linked.


most of the time, we are still an article to do outside the chain of some little smile, but the love of Shanghai ignored again and again these small chain, because the forum is likely because the quality is not high and loved Shanghai to delete the index, so that our efforts as a general. So if you see, you are still fighting for this link? A single page turned out, so that all are trying to do the "Shanghai dragon training" website shouted, this is false, a page can match I worked so hard to do but on the chain site? This point, high quality, but very few people can match.


The first point: the importance of

what is the high quality of the chain, a star that is the sky, always get more knowledge constantly to guide more people, and to the right place to go, it is a long history, and such a chain, also with the passage of time, more and more valuable precious, more high quality transfer weight. What is the high quality of the chain, that is responsible for this content for users useful useful content, a traction and transfer out, in time that is of interest to the user may click on the link, that is the source of the link, then we should be how to do the chain


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