As a webmaster if you know how to optimize the site title

believes that for the above "guess" a lot of people have little concerns "that the person is not kidding", in order to confirm what I said is true, we can do a little practice, we can search for some popular keywords in Shanghai, such as the beautiful pictures _ beauty portrait "" beautiful pictures | beauty portrait "" beautiful pictures – Beauty portrait "" beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures beauty portrait "" beautiful pictures beauty portrait "" beautiful pictures # beauty portrait "" beautiful pictures @ beautiful photo"… Thus through the search results to judge our conjecture, after the search after you will find that no matter how you search for stability in the first several are always those sites, so through this simple test is more fully proved that these symbols can be filtered by the search engine.

in a recent period of time, some friends are often asked, how to optimize the site title site title, how to write in order to get a better search engine popularity? For other sites often appear in the "_" "|" "-" "," what is the difference between these symbols, which is more suitable. With a lot of doubt? Today, I and everyone simply to share their experience in some of the title of the website.

wrote here, many friends may ask if this is the case, then our website title can not just write? Do not have to worry about what? The answer is no, here is specific to introduce some optimization problems when we need to pay attention to the title.

1, title title words limit, usually for the user in the search engine to search a website title only 56 bytes (because different search engines show the title length is different), which is the 28 Chinese characters, so we need to do a good website title length, is not easy if it is too long, because the weight of the site title keyword title is too long will be scattered, of course words from the importance of handwriting, in order from left to right order.


In fact,

for our website article title, with the title of the site is in fact are the same, summed up the short text we want to express the content, do to streamline the ETS, let the user know the search engine and we offer them what is the content of the services. So from these words, in my opinion "_" "|" "-" "," these symbols are actually the same, regardless of the user experience and search engine rankings are not much affected, as if the webmaster before you have done programming work, then to understand why, because in a complete set of procedures will have analytical procedures, can parse out these special symbols, of course, we’d better use the search engine to identify the best symbol, like me usually use these spaces, we do not have to worry too much. Tangle, to save it with love.

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