Month: September 2017

Keywords competition degree analysis method of inventory

competitors more, and keywords are ranking, we can conclude the competition website optimization. Then we have to consider the competition website in the optimization of these words in the end is what way, we rely on their own strength and resources can beat the competition in a short period of time? If not, then give up, choose other keywords. Take my website software direct selling network, a rival keywords I are high conversion business words, and most have ranked, and through the analysis found that rival keyword optimization operation is very good, through a lot of content, establish a special problem in the form of keywords optimization. We think after considering its own strength, it uses his special page optimization, but the choice of the other keywords, avoid direct competition. read more

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n those years we were chasing the dragon training in Shanghai

3, teachers significantly behind the pompous advertisement.

the "Shanghai dragon training institutions" have a large number of loyal Navy, they not only rely on the navy to recruit, and every corner of the Internet is still spraying garbage, attacking counterparts to enhance their status, but these things are not mind constantly belittle yourself. Now the Internet is very competitive, many in Shanghai Longfeng training sector might be a smaller, since it is smaller then a little low-key, rise in the pragmatic, win people’s respect by the strength, this is the real operation of the road, can not rely on a slander and stronger than their opponents to * * get your vote, this will only stone on their own feet, let yourself caught up in a piece of infamy. read more

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Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon incident in the end is up to

2, love Shanghai to inform the user do not believe Shanghai dragon’s theory


2, for the webmaster, love Shanghai without rejection, is to encourage the webmaster for Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai reminds you: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may pose a risk to your site. The webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading the official guide to love Shanghai.


finally we see the rest of the sentence: "the majority of owners of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before the reference reading love Shanghai Official Guide", then this last sentence has the following understanding: read more

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Yue Huai Shanghai Dragon analysis to avoid the site snapshot technique

first, the content of the site must adhere to the rules of the update every day; if it is the high quality of the original that is better, because the spider love original high things, regularly update every day is necessary, it is not updated when some owners are busy, sometimes update many articles, this it is wrong, it does not update the spider crawling website without fresh content can crawl, repetition is such, the spider will not come to your site, there will be a serious snapshot.

second, the website internal optimization should be appropriate; appropriate internal optimization is an important factor affecting the keywords ranking, that what is optimized appropriately? 1, do not modify the title title, the title is the core part of the website, the website in the title made after the best not to move, if the spider to be modified to grab, enter the sandbox effect, the search engine will bring up the previous website snapshot, might appear to file phenomenon; 2, frequent update website keywords, keywords may be stood before the election is not good, the competition force or no flow, this is the webmaster want to change the word, so that the spider don’t judge, it does not know what words according to the website, they simply do not come. read more

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The long tail keywords optimization is actually so simple

we all know, search engines love original content, especially the love of Shanghai. So we do in the long tail keywords at the same time, we must ensure that the quality of the content, the best is original content, that is the best, because the only way to better attract spiders to crawl, and then give a good impression.

made headlines at the same time, we can highlight keywords using some tags, such as H1, H2, and a series of bold can attract attention spider tags to around collocation. The other is that we can in the content the amount of increase the anchor text forms some long tail keywords to link related pages, but do not pile up, otherwise it will be regarded as cheating in search engine. We can also add other page long tail keywords to do the weights between page and page sharing in writing the other long tail keywords content, this ranking of long tail keywords is also very good, in fact, the optimization of long tail keywords is not difficult, but in a long stick with the process, there are some tips and precautions and then the author will introduce you briefly. read more

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The love of Shanghai began to pay attention to social search or will affect the Shanghai Dragon

Admin5 station network February 29th news, yesterday, the Internet has claimed that the love of Shanghai open platform brand area began testing in the promotion of the brand search results show the promotion of the brand’s official micro-blog, Youku space, happy net home page, watercress station links, a comprehensive collection of social networking entrance product. By searching the well-known British luxury brand Burberry (Bo Baili) can be found, the brand exhibition in addition to official brand text and video propaganda, also added a lot of social entrance of the brand, such as micro-blog, Sina, Youku space official happy net home page, watercress station etc.. And the direct display of micro-blog interactive area, Burberry (Bo Baili) is the official Sina micro-blog fans number and text description. The user can direct the search through the entrance, concerned about the latest information and a variety of brands. In the promotion of regional love Shanghai search on the right side of the page, but also through the pictures show the official website of the entrance, and beneath that happy net, watercress, Sina, Sohu micro-blog social sharing buttons. read more

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Understand how simple ideas PPC

love love Shanghai Shanghai as an example, the search results page links in general below and to the right upper left, left, when the visitors were associated with our business search, if we offer the lowest price is higher than the industry show, can participate in the auction mechanism, so that we will have the opportunity to get some advertising Shanghai ranked in love. When our ads are clicked on, and the love of Shanghai to our website every delivery of a visitor, we need to pay a fee to the price per click is CPC. If our PPC account structure reasonable, operation mode is correct, and the quality is high, then we show the lowest price and the CPC will be very low. On the one hand is the lowest price in Shanghai will reduce the love show and CPC, another aspect is that potential customers visit the website brings more value than we pay. We assume that the price per click is $3, and the click brings a sum of 300 yuan of sales, then we made. Here, the morning tea need to remind you that the lowest price is due to the different business show. read more

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love to stand 3 skills increase

1. key words: not all words can become love stand words, we must first determine the key words through the search engine to concern, can use index.baidu贵族宝贝 to query keywords we need. For example, I do is DIV+CSS through the search can get relevant results: DIV CSS DIV CSS video tutorials, etc. these that we need to do is "love" can also stand word through the love of Shanghai is concerned about the search to find love stand words, these words are the user search keywords is relatively high, as long as do these words can increase the number of words you love stand. read more

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On the social status of Shanghai Dragon School

first, the content of the website, we began to website content compared to a person’s ability and accomplishment, ability refers to the high quality of the original article, and the cultivation of internal links is to optimize the website. The importance of the original article we will not say. Why optimize the website internal links so important? A person with ability, but no culture, strange, let a person get along well, so his social position is certainly higher than where to go. So a site if the original content of high quality, but the chain optimization is not good, the search engine came in often come to a dead end, then certainly rank in the same circumstances will lag behind the chain optimization well site. read more

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The wind blows the network anti vice operation and profit mode

build public platform, to a certain public authentication account to members of the dissemination of information, marketing model mainly to push advertising, select some valuable news and information media pushed to the attention of the user, and in the illustration or the back, with a carefully designed advertising map at a glance, not the impact of user experience, but also to achieve the maximum effectiveness of advertising communication.

review: May 5th, the national "anti pornography" to combat Internet pornography cases since 10, the prominent characteristics of these cases are: establishment of garbage collection content, use WeChat, QQ group of spreading pornographic information. read more

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